Happy Anniversary to TexasAndMusic.com

TexasAndMusic.com was started seven years ago this month at the urging of my friend, Dobie Hatley…..it’s even dedicated to her (read about that here).  Dobie was a lover of all things with a special place in her heart for musicians.  She thought it would be a great to put the pictures I’d been taking of our favorite bands on the big ol’ world wide web.  Ms Dobie thinking something was a good idea meant it was gonna be done…..and so it was! :)

For the past seven years, we’ve enjoyed great music, taken thousands of pictures, and met a lot of really great people…..on stage, in audiences, and even on the web….that we now call “friend”.  We’ve traveled all over the state of Texas, worn ourselves out, rested, and did it all again.  But, I’m thinking the website has survived these years better than I have. :)

If you’re a fan, I’m sure you’ve noticed fewer new posts and pictures. There are several reasons.  One, of course, is all the things that make life wonderful but reduce the amount of time I have available to work on the site.  Another is that going to new venues by myself isn’t that appealing any more so I tend to stay closer to home.

There have been times I’ve thought about letting the website just “go away”, but, have decided not to do that.  When I look back over some of the pictures, I realize how much “history” is here.  There are pictures of bands that are no longer active and, sadly, friends and musicians that are no longer with us.  On a much happier note, there are pictures of bands that were playing for tips at the time and have now made a big name for themselves!

So……the website will stay active.  I will occasionally post pictures (just can’t see to stop taking them!) and….as I have time…..bring the “archives” into the current format of the site.

For now, I’d like to send out a big “thank you” to all the musicians….and venues….that put up with me and my camera, and you, for continuing to visit this site.  All of you have made my life more than interesting! :)

God bless, hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year!

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T Jarrod Bonta @ The Broken Spoke (07/27/2011)

Twice a month, T and the guys take up residence in the Broken Spoke’s front room for a couple of hours of great music with a featured guest.  The guest tonight was Ms Rosie Flores!  Nope, can’t miss that even if we have to leave work early to get there in time. :)

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Jim’s Country Jam @ Waterloo Ice House (07/17/2011)

What words can we use to describe the twice-a-month country jam at Waterloo Ice House?  Pretty sure we’ve already used wonderful, entertaining, astounding, talented, fun, excellent, surprising, and several others.  So, this time, all we’re gonna say is, “Ya shoulda been there!”.  If you weren’t there, then all we can say is, “Ya missed a heck of a show and need to be at the next one!”. :)

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Rosie & The Ramblers @ Hill’s Cafe (07/16/2011)

Ralph and Charlie had been telling us about Selena “Rosie” Rosenbalm that they were backing.  Decided we needed to check her out. :)  They were right, she’s dern good!  And, for a July night, the outdoor garden was really comfortable…..especially when we could sit with friends and visit, too.  Unfortunately, we were so busy visiting we didn’t get the names of the two guitar players. :(  Will get that next time…..because, there WILL be a next time!  :)

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Sam Bentley @ The VFW (07/09/2011)

There are times we just mess up. :)  Okay…..not really, but there are times we aren’t as prepared as we wish and this was one of those nights.  Sam and the guys were playing close to home (3 miles?) at the VFW.  Figured it would be one of those really enjoyable relaxed nights visiting with all our friends.  Since we have lots of pictures of Sam and they guys, we left the camera at home.  Thankfully, we had the cell-phone camera when Cody Bentley got on stage and, then when Kevin Fowler did!!  Wish the pictures were better, but it sure was fun! :)  (Note to self:  Just pack the camera in the car!!)

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Mark Allan Atwood & Brimstone @ Giddy Ups (07/02/2011)

Mark and the band are usually playing in “distant” venues.  Well, distant to us. :)  However, when it became known that a band had to cancel their gig at Giddy Ups, Mark got hold of Nancy and asked if they could play.  Giddy Ups is close to his home and all of them were looking forward maybe having a chance to sleep in their own bed for a change. :)  So happy it all worked out because we had a blast with these guys!!  If you see they’re scheduled for anyplace close to you, please go see them.  Introduce yourself….they’re really nice guys.  Most of all, enjoy their talent!  Oh, by the way, don’t expect to just sit and listen…..their energy is very infectious! :)

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