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Those of you who know me realize I love live music.  You also know that, while I have my favorites, I realize there are a lot of great musicians that I've never seen.  Of course, my goal is to see them all but.....I have to work to pay for my play!  ;)

One Saturday night, Teree and Dobie were worn out by a trip to Mexico and I needed to catch up on the website.  So, we passed on going to see Kevin Fowler or Jason Allen even though they were both playing close to home. 

I worked on the website until I thought I'd go blind....besides, this can get a little boring!   But, what to do?  Then I remembered a new musician listed on the Club 21 flyer (new to me!).  Club 21 was close....I decided check it out.

Rex Robards and the Barefoot Cowboy Band were great.  They did a little bit of everything from Bob Wills' Milk Cow Blues to Cross Canadian Ragweed's The Boys from Oklahoma....to Rex's own.   There were songs by Pat Green, Garth Brooks, Eddie Rabbit, Merle Haggard....and Rex's originals.  There were songs by Earl Thomas Conley, David Allen Coe, Waylon Jennings....and Rex's own.  Did I mention that Rex sings a lot of his own songs?  ;)   All this and I only stayed for the first two sets!! 

I quickly realized how good they were even though they were struggling with an empty house (as all musicians do).  During the break, I asked Rex if I could take some pictures, he graciously gave me permission.  During the second set, there were a few more people in the club and I got to see how Rex interacts with an audience.  They seemed 'at ease' on stage and made the audience feel the same way.

Rex's voice is strong and clear, but his band members aren't 'slouches' behind the mic either!  They each did a couple of songs, and their harmonies with Rex were 'right on'.

I've only found one thing wrong with Rex Robards and the Barefoot Cowboy Band.....they don't normally play in this area.  Checking the website, it looks like the closest for a while is going to be 100 miles away!  But...on a Saturday...that ain't bad!! 

On the way out the door I got a copy of Rex's new CD Why a Cowboy Sings the Blues.  I wanted to be sure I could hear those originals until I see this group again!


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Rex Robards & The Barefoot Cowboy Band

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Rex Robards & The Barefoot Cowboy Band

Texas Tavern

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Rex Robards & The Barefoot Cowboy Band

Club 21

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