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Jim Grabowske

"The Master".....that's what I've called Jim Grabowske since the first time I heard him play with Sam Bentley's band in 2005 and that was before I ever knew the musical history this gentle man had seen or made.  Yes, I said "gentle man" because Jim is both....a gentleman and a gentle man.

Because Jim is a member of more than one Hall of Fame, played with people like Hank Williams (that's SR folks!) and Johnny Horton, and untold others, you can find his history several places on the internet.  But, that's not the Jim G I know.  The one I know loves his wife and family, loves to garden, cherishes his friends and honors me by including me in that long list.  He's the guy that always has a funny joke (most are suitable for mixed company and I've never heard the rest!). Is quick to hug a friend and praise a fellow musician.  Will disappear on a break just to return carrying a bouquet of flowers on your birthday.  Still gets as nervous before a gig as the first time he ever played.  Humble to a fault.  Yep....that's the guy I know.

I have an untold number of pictures of Jim elsewhere on this site where he was playing with others like Sam Bentley, at the Jimmy Heap tribute, etc.  But, the more I've thought about it, the more I knew I needed to add him to my list of "recommended musicians".  I don't normally have separate tributes to "side-men".....not because I don't love all of them I know, but, because there are so many!

But.....Jim is a legend to those who know of his talents and a special friend to all who are lucky enough to personally know him.  Who better to "recommend"?

Check out the article about Jim @ The Austin Chronicle: Steel player Jimmy Grabowske

Click on the small images to open the photo albums.  Enjoy!!!

This space is reserved for more fun pictures of "Mr. G"

Jim Grabowske
Tx Music Museum

(6 pictures / 10 videos)

Jim Grabowske

08/31/08 Artz Ribhouse

(5 pictures / 1 video)

Jim Grabowske

12/22/07 It's All Good
w/ Sam Bentley

(12 pictures / 2 videos)

Jim Grabowske

10/05/07 Ross's Old Austin Cafe
w/ The Swingsters

(10 pictures)

Jim Grabowske

08/19/07 Artz Ribhouse

(4 pictures)

Jim Grabowske

05/11/07 SPJST Hall
w/ Texas Pioneers

(6 pictures)

Jimmy with Hank Williams Sr.  That's Hank in the hat........
the young man standing behind and to the right of Hank is Jim.

(Thanks to Richard Long for sharing this picture.)

Jim Grabowske

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